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How can accountants unlock their practices’ full potential?

By Jim Scott, MD for Accountancy at IRIS Software Group Accountants have faced a number of challenges since the start of COVID-19. The sudden shift to remote working and changing customer demands meant many had to adopt new ways of working, fast. Added to this, businesses have needed additional support to prepare for phase two of the evolving Making Tax Digital (MTD) legislative changes and will continue to need expert advice from accountants ahead of the next phases in 2022 and 2023. As we emerge from the pandemic, accountants will…

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We Did it Guys, We Found the World’s Most Insufferable Accountant

Once again, r/linkedinlunatics comes through with the gold: Either this guy is really, really serious about his job OR — and more likely — just really bad at figuring out how to get 16 hours of work done in 10. If Reddit existed 20 years ago, the comment section on that post would likely be filled with similarly-minded weirdos who consider abandoning any hope of a personal life some kind of twisted badge of honor. Thankfully we live in current day where this kind of behavior is called out for…

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