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How to Make Sense of Complicated Balance Sheets

Do you know how to read your balance sheets? There are no two ways about it: it can be hard to decipher a balance sheet. It tracks your incomes and outlays. In other words, it shows you what assets you have and who their owners are. You must keep a close eye on your balances, especially if you want to avoid a premature bankruptcy. That can ruin your life, along with the lives of your business partners, associates, and employees. So, it’s simple, don’t let that nightmare scenario come true.…

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Compensation Watch ’21: BKD Is Handing Out Mid-Year Raises But It’s Anyone’s Guess As to How Much

BKD employees have something in common with employees of BDO USA and Grant Thornton … besides working in the hellscape that is public accounting: They supposedly are getting mid-year raises but have no idea about how much they are going to get. From the tipline last weekend: BKD also announced a significant pay increase effective in January. The CEO said most staff will get it so some people will be left out e.g. maybe new hires. Yeah, newbies don’t deserve an extra dime until they suffer the indignity of climbing through a…

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Which Firm Was the Biggest Loser In the Third Auditor Shuffle of 2021?

Are y’all ready for the results of the third auditor round-and-round of 2021? OK. Here we go. It was another big quarter for BF Borgers, which added the most new SEC clients with nine while losing one for a net of eight, according to Audit Analytics’ third quarter audit gains and losses analysis. BF Borgers was also the big winner in Q2, netting nine new audit clients. While total new clients in Q3 was the largest since the start of 2020, there was a drop among the 12 major global…

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