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Grant Thornton Let Off the Hook Big Time By UK’s Audit Cops

Back in August 2018, Grant Thornton UK was given a £4 million fine by the Financial Reporting Council (reduced to £3 million after a settlement discount) for a then-partner’s conflict of interest in serving on the audit committees of two audit clients, in addition to “widespread and serious inadequacies in the control environment in Grant Thornton’s Manchester office … as well as firmwide deficiencies in policies and procedures relating to retiring partners.” The Evening Standard reported at the time that GT’s fine was the largest given to a non-Big 4…

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A Bachelors in Accountancy Can Lead to Financial Success

Accountants are an important part of our society because they help us track and control spending. Without accountants, we would be completely lost. The most basic function of an accountant is to come up with a budget for a particular business. It is the accountant who is responsible for determining how much money the business should spend on certain activities, such as marketing and advertising. In addition to coming up with a budget, the accountant will also determine if the business is getting the best deal by charging the right…

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