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Some Guy Made a Bangin’ Cover of the IRS Hold Music and You Need to Hear It

We’re a year and a half late on sharing this IRS hold music cover song with you, but better late than never eh? Well, unless you’re late making estimated tax payments. Uploaded April 13, 2020, the video has a mere 1,413 views as of posting this. How this didn’t go viral and end up being the star track of the Better Call Saul soundtrack is beyond us. But here it is: As seen in a Reddit thread about the torture that is hours upon hours of IRS hold music. Here…

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Head of UK’s Audit Cops Says Out Loud What We Were All Thinking About the Big 4

Sir Jon Thompson“If you were the head of audit at one of the Big Four and you read this document, you’d be thinking ‘I think those are the things I’m [already] trying to do.’ The problem, as far as we’re concerned, is they don’t really do it.” — Sir Jon Thompson, chief executive of the Financial Reporting Council, said to the Financial Times ahead of the launch on Tuesday of the UK audit cops’ first guide for accountants on how they should carry out good audits which is called, obviously,…

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2022 Accounting Internship Programs, Ranked

Winter is coming, and new stars will soon be born in public accounting as the latest wave of interns are about to flock to a windowless cubicle near you. And just in time for the arrival of this latest group of fresh, smiling-faced youngsters is Firsthand’s (formerly ranking of the top accounting internship programs in the US for 2022. If you’re wondering what happened to Vault, our friends over at Above the Law told their audience this: This past January, Infobase, the company that owns Vault, acquired Firsthand, a…

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