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Compensation Watch ’21: Deloitte Staff Gets Some Encouraging News About Raises and Promotions (NEW UPDATE)

(Updated post from July 14 with a comparison of average raise percentages per promotion from 2020 and 2016.) In July we took a look at how raises this year at PwC compared to 2019 and 2017 because they were hyped up so much by PwCers on the usual chatter sites, and for the most part, this most recent round of raises lived up to the hype. But a week or so before PwCers bragged online about how much Tim Ryan made it rain this year, employees of Deloitte found out…

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Don’t Worry About Deloitte Partners In the UK, They’re Doing Just Fine

The Financial Times yesterday wrote about the rich getting richer at the Queen’s Deloitte: Deloitte’s UK partners will receive an average payout of about £1m after the accounting firm’s profits rebounded from a pandemic slump last year, helped by the sale of its restructuring division. The share of profits to 700 equity partners is the highest in at least a decade, according to people briefed on the annual results, which are due to be published next week. … Last year the average share of Deloitte profits was £731,000. The people…

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Do Professional Examinations Have to Be Hard to Be Valuable?

The other day, a reader sent us this Bloomberg Opinion piece on the CFA exam with a quick note attached: Imagine the original article where “CFA” is replaced with “CPA” The article’s title? Wall Street’s CFA Program Is a Colossal Waste of Time It starts off by informing us that the “notoriously difficult” Chartered Financial Analyst exam pass rate is currently at a record low of 25% for the Level 1 exam. In an editor’s note at the top, we find out that The CFA Institute reached out to Bloomberg…

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