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Promotion Watch ’21: Deloitte Admits 169 New Partners and Principals In the US

The smell of new partners and principals still permeates the air at the biggest of the Big 4, as Joe Ucuzoglu recently gave his blessing to the newest class of rainmakers at Deloitte. This latest class (technically the class of FY 2022) is 35% larger than last year’s class at Deloitte and 13% larger than the class of FY 2020. Let’s take a closer look of the class of FY 2022 by the numbers: 77: The number of new partners and principals who are women, or 45.6% of the class.67:…

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Elizabeth Warren Shocked to Learn Big Public Accounting Firms Do Shady Sh*t

Uh-oh, the Big 4 firms have gotten Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s dander up. The Massachusetts Democrat was appalled at a recent New York Times report that found at least 35 examples of big public accounting firm tax lawyers who left to join the US Treasury’s tax policy office or other government positions and then were rehired by their old firm. In nearly half of those cases, the employees were promoted to partner upon their return—often doubling their pay. What drew Warren’s ire was how these ex-PA tax lawyers were able to…

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Paying People More Will Not Win the Talent War, Says PwC India Leader Adamantly Opposed to Paying People More

From the moment ‘Generation Y’ entered the workforce at the turn of the century, the business leaders, politicians, and academics who came before us have been suffering from endless anguish over our alleged lack of loyalty and our pesky desire to find fulfillment in life beyond work. Many of us watched our parents give their lives to work only to be rewarded in divorces and “company restructuring,” it’s no wonder we questioned whether pledging our lives to our employers would be worth it. To make my point, I dug up…

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