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Promotion Watch ’21: KPMG US Admits 170 New Partners

The partnership at KPMG grew by 170 people earlier this month, as 120 men and 50 women were outfitted with new golf attire before being handed keys to the club by CEO Paul Knopp and Deputy CEO Laura Newinski. This latest class of new partners (for FY 2022) is larger than FY 2021’s and FY 2020’s by 43% and 23%, respectively. Advisory has the most new Klynveldian partners, followed by tax and audit. Here’s the breakdown by service line and/or function: Advisory: 63Tax: 53Audit: 35Audit Quality & Professional Practice: 4Risk…

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2022 Projected Public Accounting Salaries In Eight MCOL Cities

Earlier this week we looked at public accounting starting salaries in five of the most expensive US cities to live in and how much higher they are than the projected national averages recently published in the Robert Half 2022 Accounting & Finance Salary Guide. A discussion you often see among professionals on Fishbowl and Reddit is: Is such and such a city considered HCOL or MCOL? Or: Is such and such a city considered MCOL or LCOL? A lot of it is subjective. Let’s take Atlanta, for example. Would you…

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