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Opinion: The Profession Is Not ‘Diluted,’ It Is Evolving

[Ed. note: The following is a letter we received in response to a reader letter we published in September which lambasted the AICPA for diluting the profession. We are publishing it with permission from its author, who we have chosen to keep anonymous due to the anonymity of the original letter writer. We hope this further facilitates an important discussion about the future of the CPA profession.] Dear Adrienne I read with great interest the “Opinion” article you recently published in response to your Sept 14th column on the potential…

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Maine’s ‘Utterly Unqualified’ State Auditor Just Stepped Down Because He Couldn’t Pass the Certified Internal Auditor Exam

In January of this year, seasoned bureaucrat Matthew Dunlap took the helm as state auditor in Maine despite having no background in accounting, much less auditing. Rather, he has a bachelor’s degree in Roman history and a master’s in English literature, the former of which would come in handy should Maine have a vacant State Quaestor position to fill. No problem though, as Maine law says that he had nine months to get certified in something and that’s plenty of time to learn auditing from scratch no doubt. From a…

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